ants are active even in the winter months


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Ten Interesting Facts About Termites


It's spring time and termites are beginning to become a huge problem for area homes. If you would like to learn more about termites, eHow has an excellent article on "Ten Intersting Facts About Termites". Ten Interesting Facts About Termites Termites are familiar to us as wood-eating insects that threaten homes and other building with their diets. There are more than 2,500 kinds of termites living all around the world, according to the University of California Integrated Pest Management Program. Three of the four major kinds of termites (drywood, subterranean, mound builders and dampwood) are found in North America. Although we think of them mostly as destructive pests, these ancient insects have many sides. | Read Entire Story | … [Read more...]



    With spring in the air and the weather getting warmer outside the Carpenter Bees will be out in full force. The Carpenter Bees are active during the summer season. They like untreated wood.   Description: Large, black and yellow “bubble bee” looking bug. It has a shiny, black rear end and drills 1/2 inch round holes in wood on homes and garages. Females can sting – males can’t, but are aggressive. Male and female look the same and can’t be differentiated to the naked eye. Stings from Carpenter Bees are rare. Treatment.: We suggest monthly treatments outside during the summer season.   … [Read more...]

Mice Take Over In The Fall…


As the temperature outside drops, we cozy up inside our nice, warm houses. Unfortunately, so do rodents. Whether the invaders are as small as an ant or as big as a family of skunks, your best defense against pests is sealing off their entry points into your fortress. Here’s what to do: Evaluate the Exterior Mice are probably the biggest wintertime pest concern. A mouse can sneak in through a hole no bigger than a dime. When examining your home’s exterior walls, experts say to look for light coming through cracks. Also, feel for air movement, which can sometimes point you to a crack you can’t see. Control Your Garden Plants close to the house provide a haven rodents as they await their chance to dart through an open door. Keep plants 1 to 2 feet away from the house, weeds trimmed to … [Read more...]

Summer time

It is summer time, time for enjoying camping and out door fun. It is also time for the mosquito's to be out also. We have a product that can be purchased at our retail store called mosquito beater. It is easy to apply and safe for the family and pets. … [Read more...]

Bug A Boo Voted #1 Exterminator…


For the sixth straight year in a row Bug A Boo was voted best Exterminator in the Miami County area by the readers choice award, a special publication of the Troy Daily News and the Piqua Daily Call. Thank you to our loyal customers for voting Bug A Boo Pest Control as the number one Exterminator in the area. … [Read more...]

How To Detect For Bed Bugs On Your Vacation

Are you planning a summer vacation? Will you be staying in a hotel, house boat or resort? If so, you may want to think about what kind of critters you could bring back home with you once your fun in the sun is complete. Bed bug infestations increase drastically as travel increases due the fact that they migrate in luggage, clothes, furniture, backpacks, purses, shoes, walkers, wheelchairs, curtains, etc. They are great hitchhikers and can be found in hotels, motels, or about anywhere else people may stay while on vacation. Fortunately Bug-A-Boo offers a product that will allow you to quickly and accurately determine if the place you are staying has bed bugs. It’s called “Bed Bug Traps" If you would like to learn more about this product, you can find it under our “PEST CONTROL … [Read more...]

Bed Bugs: What You Need To Know


Once thought to be eradicated from North America, the legendary little pests known as bed bugs have been making an unwelcome comeback in hotels and homes. Lest you think bed bugs are relegated to fleabag motels, they have been spotted in the posher locales as well. What Are Bed Bugs? Bed bugs are the common name for Cimex lectularius, a reddish-brown, oval-shaped insect that can grow to a quarter of an inch long. Bed bugs are wingless and survive by sucking blood from a host animal, preferably a human. | Read Full Article | … [Read more...]

Getting Rid of Fleas in the House and Yard


Practically the worst hindrance to having pets in the house is the fact they can bring in fleas. But so can humans. Fleas can jump on you when you're in the yard and hitchhike a free ride into your home where they multiply like crazy. In less than a week, you could discover a full blown flea infestation has taken over. Selling a house where pets live has its own unique set of problems without having to deal with fleas. Now, you might not even notice when your dog or cat seems to be scratching a lot more than usual. But you will notice when the fleas bite you. By then, it's too late. | Read Full Article | … [Read more...]

More Common Cockroaches – The Brownbanded Cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach


The Brownbanded Cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach Cockroaches are one of the most common of all insects, and have been for more than 300 million years, as evidenced by fossil remains. All cockroaches are nocturnal, making it easy for populations to build to huge numbers before their presence is realized. Of the approximately 50 cockroach species that occur in the U.S., the German and American cockroaches are two of the most common species that infest homes, restaurants, hotels and other establishments. However, the Brownbanded and Oriental cockroaches can also be of significant concern. Thus, this article provides identifying and characteristic information on these two species. | Read Full Article | … [Read more...]